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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A major sign-on bonus is on the table for those who join Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, but that extra pay is not here to stay.

The $3,000 sign-on bonus applies to those who join MTM before February 28th.

Out of the 4,000 employees MTM set out to hire, there are about 1,200 vacancies left to fill.
Officials say part of the reason they chose to make this offer is due to such a competitive job market right now, and they’re about to start producing another car next month – the Maza CX-50, so keeping on track for recruitment is crucial.

Officials say the new hires will get about a third of the bonus after the first 60 days, then at 120 days, they’ll get the remaining $2,000.

Tony Dillon, the project general manager, says even in the few short weeks this incentive has been advertised, and despite the slower time of year for hiring, they have reason to be optimistic.

“This, for all employers, is kind of tough hiring timing, right around the holidays, yet we’ve still seen an increase in our application flow, exactly what we were looking to do, hoping that it would incentivize some folks to come join the team. We’ve seen that and we expect that’s going to carry over until the new year,” Dillon said.

The pay isn’t just for new employees though. Current hourly employees are also getting $3,000 as an appreciation payment.

This comes after a recent wage increase for all new and existing hourly team members — which increased for starting wages from $17 to $18.35 per hour for production. Skilled team members saw an increase in starting pay from $23.50 to $25.64 per hour.

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