Marshall Space Flight Center reopening Monday: What employees need to know

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Thanks to the continuing resolution, Marshall Space Flight Center is ready for workers to return.

The center tweeted this weekend, “NASA Marshall will resume normal operations on Monday.” Employees are advised to go to work at their usual time.

NASA is assuring its employees that retroactive pay will be processed as soon as possible. An employee FAQ page online says civil servants and NASA employees will get two payments, one for each pay period missed during the shutdown, on January 30 or 31.

If you’re affected, and don’t receive pay by then, you’re asked to call your human resources office. NASA said there is no need to fill out a timecard for the backpay.

As employees head back to work, there are a few technology hurdles they may have to overcome.

Since the center has been closed, devices like laptops and government-issued smartphones have been inactive.

Some badges and passwords may be expired.

Leaders say some devices may boot up slower tomorrow, because of a backlog in updates. They also ask workers to be patient with help desk personnel, who will be back at work to help people deal with any IT issues.

NASA employees and civil servants can find more information about post-shutdown procedures here.

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