Marshall County Sheriff’s Office releases new app


MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala.- The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office is working to be more transparent and available for the community by releasing a new app.

Anyone with the app, Marshall County Sheriff AL, can sign up for notifications regarding searches for suspects or missing persons, or if there’s been an accident that drivers need to avoid.

“In this day and age, everybody has a smartphone. Everybody’s got one in their hands or they’re doing business from their phones. So I know this will be a good way to connect with the community, to stay connected, and keep the community updated,” said Sheriff Phil Sims.

App users can also send feedback, file for a pistol permit, see the jail roster, see the most wanted list, and be aware of sex offenders in various neighborhoods.

“I have learned that the more transparent and the more you communicate with the people that you represent or that you serve, it works both ways. It builds trust within the community, it builds working relationships with the community and so forth,” added Sims.

The app is free for all smartphone users.

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