MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Gun laws vary from state to state, but in Alabama, any person over the age of 19 can legally carry a firearm without a permit.

Despite not needing a permit, Marshall County Sheriff’s office urges folks to still seek getting a permit for many reasons.

“You still are going to need that permit to travel our permits are good for that,” said Marshall County Sheriff Phil Sims. “It’s really important to know how to shoot a weapon if you’re going to carry a weapon you should know how it functions ultimately if you ever discharge that in self-defense you’re responsible for where that bullet goes.”

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office offers free gun safety classes with a one-hour classroom portion followed by a few hours on the range actively practicing with a firearm all under supervision.

There, you will learn how to properly hold and handle a gun, and load a firearm as well as how to correctly aim and fire.

News 19’s Alexa Harley took a portion of the safety training class with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

These classes run all year long ever two to three months, you can register on their website.