Marshall County Project Lifesaver receives $1,100 donation


MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala.- Folks with the Livelonger Happy Fest are giving the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office a little cash to help with Project Lifesaver.

The nonprofit has donated $1,100 dollars to the program, which helps track at-risk community members, such as those with dementia or other special needs if they were to ever go missing.

Those in the program wear a wrist transmitter that can be tracked by deputies using specific receivers.

Sheriff’s deputies told WHNT News 19 they are thankful for every donation they get for this program since the program can be expensive with maintenance.

There are currently 21 Project Lifesaver clients in Marshall County.

“We have had this program almost since day one that Phil Simms took office. We have never had to use it once to locate a missing client. I hope we never do because that’s never a good thing, but if we do, this gives us a much higher probability of finding that client much more rapidly,” said Lt Tom Sorrell.

The sheriff’s office will use this money to buy batteries and other supplies and maintenance for the program.

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