Marshall County Pharmacist Found Guilty Of Unlawful Distribution


Tim Bishop, in center of photo (Carson Clark, WHNT News 19)

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A Marshall County jury reached guilty verdicts on all six charges against a pharmacist accused of illegally distributing controlled substances.

The jury convicted Timothy Bishop of three counts each of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance and dispensing a controlled substance without a prescription.

Courtney Williams testified she traded sex with Bishop for prescription medication.

Employees at Bishop's Pharmacy in Scant City contacted Arab Police in September 2010 after they saw Bishop put some pills in a bag and take it outside the pharmacy.

Drug investigators set up surveillance and caught Williams with the drugs, and Williams said Bishop gave her pills like Lortab and Xanax in exchange for sex.

She said their relationship began in 2008, and he paid her $1,500 the first time they had sex but later started giving her controlled substances.

She received a deal where she would not face charges if she worked with drug agents.

During the investigation, police recorded several phone calls Williams made to Bishop at the pharmacy to make arrangements for her to receive bags of pills from him.

The jurors heard Williams request certain types of pills, and Bishop told her he would leave the items by a soft drink machine outside the pharmacy building.

Bishop said the recorded phone calls are misleading because at some points in the recording he is talking to Williams, but at other times, to people who were in the store.

Drug investigators watched as she went to retrieve the bags, and Williams recorded the pick-ups with a video camera to show her taking out the bottles and giving them to police.

Bishop said he occasionally put Tylenol, Robitussin, and Benadryl in bags for Williams, but that she must have had the controlled substances with her and swapped the bottles between picking them up and handing them to police.

Bishop said he never gave her controlled substances and never had sex with her.

Prosecutors said it is not believable or reasonable for Williams to go from Albertville to Arab to get Tylenol since she could legally get it anywhere, but Assistant District Attorney Mitch Floyd said it is believable she would do that to get Lortab for free without a prescription.

He said police searched Williams and her vehicle before she went to retrieve the pill bottles, and "she would have to be [Harry] Houdini to pull off that kind of slight of hand." 

District Attorney Steve Marshall told jurors the only other explanation is "if the Controlled Substance Fairy came down to Scant City invisibly and switched it out."

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