Marshall County People Against a Littered States donate books to area schools


MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – To celebrate Earth Day 2021, the Marshall County People Against a Littered State (MCPALS) is hoping to educate children to not litter.

The group donated 26 picture books to every pre-school, elementary, and intermediate school in Marshall County Thursday.

The book titled Earth Remembers When showcases how pristine the globe was before littering and pollution began.

MCPALS president Micky Hunt told News 19 that no one is born a ‘litter bug’, they are taught to litter so books like these and early education are key to preventing it in the future.

“The number one most littered item in the world is cigarette butt filters. It takes about seven to nine years for those to decompose in nature naturally. Plastic bottles could last 100 years, so once you throw it out, it’s going to be there unless somebody picks it up,” explained Hunt.

“We are so happy to support Marshall County PALS. We thank them for their service to us and our county and we are really happy to help educate students about being responsible citizens,” added Marshall County Board of Education Superintendent Cindy Wigley.

Hunt said by reading the books, the children can take the anti-littering campaign home to the adults in their lives to maybe lessen the number of adults who litter.

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