Yahoo: Marshall County COVID-19 case spike puts federal officials on alert


MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala.- According to Yahoo News, a May 13 interagency update on the nation’s coronavirus response circulated by the Department of Homeland Security stated Marshall County  reported 217 news cases over a seven day period, a 517% increase over the previous seven day period.

Editor’s note: WHNT News 19 is reviewing the Yahoo report for accuracy. We will update this story with new context about the report shortly.

Of the more than 12,000 cases across the state, Marshall County has 637 as of Wednesday afternoon.

Nine people in the county have died from COVID-19.

Owner of Outside the Box Healthcare and nurse practitioner Robin Scott has treated 30 to 35 of the county’s infected patients.

Scott said she thinks Marshall County is a hotspot for a couple of reasons:

  1. The large industries, including multiple poultry plants. Employees are most likely scared to even be tested because they don’t want to miss out on their income if they are infected.
  2. People not wearing masks like they have been recommended too. The novel coronavirus is spread through saliva droplets and can linger in the air after someone coughs, sneezes, or even talks.

Scott told WHNT News 19 that most of her patients that tested positive were completely asymptomatic, which means no fever or coughing. Others only had a fever of 99-degrees, but by the time you have a mild fever, you’ve already been transmitting the virus for several days.

Many businesses as well as city and county agencies have reopened and are doing temperature checks on all visitors and customers.

“I think it’s done in good faith, and that’s what they think they’re supposed to do, but I think it’s a joke. I have to say that even in my moderately ill patients with COVID. I think the highest fever I saw was 99. Even at 85% oxygen saturation on three liters, they still had a temp of 99. And every single person that I tested positive, did not have a fever, but they can still transmit it,” explained Scott.

She explained what it has been like treating COVID-19 infected patients.

“I think just getting the diagnosis alone is scary. I’d say the majority of the patients I saw did not develop into a moderate disease but I’ve got a couple that got very ill. One actually that really probably needed to be in the hospital but refused to go. And she recovered and she’s doing ok, but to have a patient look at you and say, ‘Am I going to make it through this?’ and you can’t really answer for sure if they’re going to or not is a scary thing,” Scott said.

Scott said even if a patient gets COVID-19 and recovers, it’s possible they will experience lifelong effects such as lung or heart issues in the aftermath.

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