Marshall County Commission joins Investing in Alabama Counties program


GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – Marshall County is now part of the Association of County Commissions of Alabama Investing in Alabama Counties program.

It will help guide the county through using the $18.7 million Coronavirus Local Fiscal Relief grant it recently received.

“There’s things you can do and can’t do and they’re going to help us with all their legal minds out there to tell us what they recommend for us to do along with the other 67 counties, which I think is great,” said Commissioner Ronny Shumate. ”There’s 155 pages of what we can do and some pages contradict the others.”

The money can only be used for items that support public health response.

“We cannot use this funding for paving. We cannot use it to buy things to pave with. We cannot give pay raises. A lot of this is going to go to structured things, like HVAC systems in case we have another pandemic to where we can get rid of all the bad things in the air. We can do water lines to make water more pure for our community. We can do broadband to get computers out there for kids in the communities that don’t have them at this time,” explained Shumate.

He hopes to use it for broadband and water issues in his district.

Joining the program will cost just under $900,000, but it can be paid for through the grant.

Commissioner Rick Watson was the only no vote.

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