Marshall County commission approves purchase of new surveillance system


GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – A bomb threat at the Marshall County courthouse in Guntersville has prompted some security changes.

The county commissioners have approved a new surveillance system at their regularly scheduled meeting Wednesday morning.

“You recall about two months ago, we had a bomb threat here in the courthouse. After we evacuated the courthouse and did a sweep, of course it turned up negative,” explained Commission Chairman James Hutcheson.

News 19 was there as law enforcement searched the courthouse high and low for a suspicious package.

The threat came in the form of a note saying a bomb was somewhere inside.

The one note causing lasting ripple effects changing courthouse security.

“We went around and we did a survey of the courthouse as far as the camera system. I got with the sheriff’s department and IT department and we had a lot of dead spots in the courthouse where we didn’t have camera access,” said Hutcheson. 

Hutcheson told News 19 there are 22 security cameras inside the Guntersville courthouse right now.

With the approval of the Hi-Tech Telecom & Security system, they will more than double that, improve the clarity of the video, and have remote access to it.

“It’ll be recorded 24 hours a day and if we have an issue we can pull it up and we can look at each floor of the courthouse and each courtroom, and if we see somebody suspicious or sitting down a suspicious package or something, it’ll show up on the camera,” added Hutcheson.

The price tag of the project is $49,695.71 and worth every penny according to Hutcheson.

He said they have not looked into installing a new system at the courthouse in Albertville.

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