Marshall County Commission approves console purchase for P25 radio upgrade


MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office is closer to getting the new P25 radio system up and running.

The commission recently approved a memorandum of understanding with Farmers Telecommunications (FTC) Business Services to install fiber optics for $400 a month.

It also approved a five-year lease agreement to buy two dispatch consoles for $207,130.

Sheriff Phil Sims says buying them now with all of the other city agencies and 911 in the county, they get a major discount.

He adds the lines and consoles are vital to getting all agencies on the same page to be able to communicate more effectively than they are now.

“If we wait and buy these on down the road, even though our renovation is probably going to be another 12 months out where we can install them. If we wait and buy them then we’re going to be paying upward of $25,000, if not more, in additional fees and labor and whatever the market dictates for the cost of metal at the time,” explained Sims. 

The P25 system is expected to be operational by the end of July 2021.

The consoles will be installed once the jail renovation project is complete.

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