Marshall County addresses large property value increases, incorrect protest date

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala – They say there are only two guarantees in life, death, and taxes. But one family with property in Marshall County got a big surprise when they received their property tax valuation notice.

Not only did the value of the property go up, but they also received the notice with details about how to protest it — a month after the deadline.

Rising home values are normally a good thing, until tax time. Some Marshall County homeowners are feeling sticker shock, including Rachel Hall.

“I thought it was kind of high,” Hall said.

So did Revenue Commissioner Michael Johnson.

“This year the increases were such that we actually asked the state to come back in and review them,” He said.

He says values are increasing in the northwest area of the county partially due to more homes being bought and sold in subdivisions in recent years.

“The values that may have not changed in 8, 10 years now are suddenly seeing an incredible increase enough for us to have been surprised,” Johnson stated.

Values also increased along the water.

“We have seen an increase in sales they’ve, the value seems to have rebounded the collapse that we had several years ago,” he said.

WHNT specifically asked the revenue commissioner about Rachel Hall’s property. He says the value has increased so significantly his office is going to review it again next week. The value jumped around 20 percent in just three years.

“This is a really good example of some of what I would call, for me anyway, it has felt more like some of the extreme increases,” he said.

Anyone else concerned about their property value can protest the amount. Residents did run into some roadblocks in that process recently. The county misprinted the flyers, saying the last day to protest the appraisal was May 29th. People received them in their mailboxes in July. Johnson says the vendor made an error.

“They inadvertently pulled the previous proof rather than the final proof so they printed every one of them off with the wrong date,” he explained.

Johnson says that deadline is actually August 5th and the corrected notices have already been put in the mail.

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