“Mars Rat” Takes Internet By Storm

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If you haven’t seen it yet… a Mars “rat” is taking the web by storm. The rock-rodent has been a big hit on space and science blogs and now has its own Twitter account @realmarsrat- where you can interact with the creature to your heart’s desire!

It all started when, according to the Huffington Post, a post on UFO Sightings Daily showed what reportedly was a “Mars rat” – a creature with legs and a tail among the rocks on the planet. You can check out NASA’s original photo here. Check the upper left portion of the picture to find the creature!

Of course, it’s likely this is not a rat at all but earlier this year, NASA did reveal that the Curiosity rover had uncovered signs that life may have once existed on Mars. NASA scientists cited a rock sample the rover analyzed in February that contained elements necessary for supporting life.

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