LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – The vehicle in which escaped inmate Casey White and assistant corrections director Vicky White fled was found hours after the pair left Lauderdale County, but it was not reported to law enforcement until six days later.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said this is likely because the person who found it did not yet know about the manhunt. As news of the missing couple spreads far beyond Alabama, Singleton told News 19 he hopes new leads from the public will help locate Casey and Vicky White.

The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the U.S. Marshal Service to chase down tips reported across the country.

“With the public’s help and with the media’s help, we’ve gotten a lot of tips. Several hundred tips have come in since Friday,” said U.S. Marshal Service Commander of the Gulf Coast Regional Task Force Chad Hunt.

Casey and Vicky White’s rust-colored 2007 Ford Edge was towed away from a wooded area in Middle Tennessee on April 29, just hours after the couple left Northwest Alabama. After the tow truck driver heard the news of the missing pair nearly a week later, they called in a tip about the car to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.

“We’re not sure how they left from that area,” said Singleton. “We think they were picked up and probably given some assistance by someone who didn’t realize what was going on.”

Singleton said law enforcement found nothing that will aid the investigation inside the abandoned car. But according to U.S. Marshals, hundreds of tips continue to pour in.

“We have to look at each tip and we have to follow up on it even if it’s here local or if it’s across the United States,” Hunt said. “So a lot of our time is is looking at those tips following up on numerous people that need to be interviewed but it can change at a moments notice.”

Hunt said anyone with information that may help locate Casey White and Vicky White can report the information to the U.S. Marshals Service online.