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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Jefferson County Department of Health Medical Director Ed Khan confirmed Tuesday night that a man with Ebola-like symptoms is under observation at UAB Hospital.

Khan said a man recently traveled to a country with active Ebola infections recently. He said currently only Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia have reported cases of Ebola.

The patient was undergoing routine monitoring and developed symptoms consistent with Ebola, Khan said. The patient immediately notified the appropriate agencies and is currently under evaluation.

Khan said the man possibly has Ebola, but could have another disease. He called the patient “low-risk.” The patient did not come into contact with any known Ebola patients and did not participate in any high-risk activities while in the foreign country, Khan said.

Initial tests are currently being performed. Khan said preliminary results should be available by Wednesday.

A UAB spokesperson said no hospital staff are at risk. He said immediate action was taken to secure the facility the patient is staying in and that staff had been training for this scenario for a year.

Birmingham Police Lt. Joe Roberts said the man’s home is under quarantine and “There appears to be no danger to the public. “