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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – As the investigation continues into the deadly IHOP shooting on Wednesday night, we’re learning more about the man police say first opened fire.

WHNT News 19 has learned this is not the first time 25-year-old Roderick Turner was involved in a violent incident with a gun. In fact, Turner was charged with assault involving a firearm three times with three different victims. However, Madison County prosecutors say those cases were hampered by the unwillingness of the victims and witnesses to testify. Turner was never convicted on any of those charges.

The Huntsville Police Department provided the following narrative about the fatal encounter at IHOP on Drake Avenue and Memorial Parkway Wednesday night:

The deadly incident started when Turner went to pick up a to-go order just before 10 pm. 56-year-old Roy Brown and his 32-year-old son were both working at the restaurant.

Authorities say Turner grew angry, apparently upset about the food service.

Police tell us the argument turned into a physical altercation between Turner and Brown’s son. Investigators say at some point Turner reached for his gun and shot at the two IHOP employees.

His bullets struck Roy Brown and his son. It’s unclear which one of them was hit first, but police say Brown’s son then pulled out his own gun and shot Turner. HPD says seven shots were fired during the incident.

Roy Brown and Turner both died from gunshot wounds in the upper torso area. Brown’s son survived but was hospitalized.

There is no surveillance video of the shooting according to HPD. Investigators say both Turner and the son had concealed carry permits.

The IHOP reopened at 6:30 Friday morning for the first time since Wednesday night’s shooting. A company spokesperson says their immediate focus was on taking care of their team and their employees.