Contractor injured in electrical incident at TVA Browns Ferry


LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – A contractor was injured by an electrical shock at TVA Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant on Wednesday.

TVA officials said the employee was shocked while performing electrical work. Officials say the individual was responsive when emergency crews took them to an area hospital for treatment by ambulance.

TVA said safety experts will perform a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the injury.

The incident took place outside the site’s protected area and away from the radiation area and operating units. Some electrical work at the plant was stopped to fully investigate why the incident happened.

“When a teammate is injured we are all impacted, and we will take the time to ensure we fully understand the situation and the surrounding conditions to ensure no one else is in harm’s way,” said TVA spokesperson Malinda Hunter. “We put safety first because we want everyone at our plant to return home in the same safe condition they arrived in. Our thoughts are with this individual and their family.”

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