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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A man was arrested on several charges after a traffic stop early Monday morning.

28-year-old Dante Kilgore was arrested for assaulting a police officer, carrying a concealed weapon, and using a false identity to obstruct justice around 12:15 a.m. Monday.

Huntsville Police said Kilgore was riding in a car that officers stopped for traffic violations near Pulaski Pike and Stringfield Drive.

According to Huntsville Police, there was an altercation between Kilgore and officers where the suspect pulled free from them before pulling a gun from his waistband and pointing it at the officers. One officer distracted Kilgore while another used a distraction strike – causing Kilgore to drop the gun.

Officers said after they handcuffed the suspect they found a second gun in his waistband.

Kilgore told officials on the scene he had ingested illegal drugs and was evaluated at Huntsville Hospital before being taken to the Madison County Jail.