Man Accused of Attempted Murder, Investigators Say Suspect Had a Hit List

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) –  Investigators say one couple is lucky to be alive after a man shot at them with a high powered rifle.

Now that suspect faces attempted murder charges and detectives say he had a hit list.

Investigators say Johnny Alan Grossheim pulled up to a home on County Road 69 in Killen, then got out of his truck, and aimed a high powered hunting rifle at two people sitting in the back yard.

Deputy Randall McCrary responded to the scene and says bullets hit just feet from the couple.

“When I got to the residence, she was hysterical,” said McCrary.

According to McCrary the victims hid behind a truck to avoid the spray of bullets, but detectives say this couple wasn’t Grossheim’s only target.

“He had attempted murder on these two subjects and he also sent messages that he intended to kill his girlfriend, that she was next on the list,” said McCrary.

Investigators believe revenge may have been the motive.  Detectives say Grossheim and his girlfriend broke up earlier in the day.

A trail of threatening text messages added to the evidence in this case.

“We were able to find shell casing on the side of the road from the rifle and skid marks where he had stopped and shot,” said McCrary.

Grossheim left the scene after the shooting, but it wasn’t long until a tip led deputies to a house in a nearby subdivision.

Investigators say when deputies converged on the home, Grossheim surrendered, without a weapon.

However, the 243 rifle was later located, at a different home.

The suspect is out of jail on a property bond.

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