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MADISON COUNTY, Ala.- A Madison County three-year-old was gifted potentially life changing equipment on Wednesday afternoon by Make-A-Wish Alabama.

Make-A-Wish’s mission is to grant life-changing wishes for critically ill children, but unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic has put that on hold for many.

Three-year-old Jazmyn Malone’s family says her wish was one that couldn’t wait.

“We needed the wish team to to provide us with the tools for her to recover to help her walk on her own again and to help her communicate with us,” says Jazmyn’s mother Cassandra Bennett.

Jazmyn’s mother says her daughter had a slim chance for survival after catching a virus while going through treatment for Leukemia. She ultimately developed an auto immune disease and suffered brain damage.

“They gave her a 4% chance of survival and as of right now she’s the only survivor of that virus that was immune compromised in the entire United States,” explained Bennett.

Jazmyn is in a tight window to make a recovery, and needed the special equipment to help her learn to walk and talk.

“With this type of brain damage you have a window to fully recover and if you missed that window then odds are she will be permanently in the state so getting that has literally changed our lives and forever,” says Bennett.

Make-A-Wish says while the celebration might have been a little different, it was time sensitive for Jazmyn.

“Typically we have a big fanfare.. We have a big party you know… This is such a joyous day for families. But this time, you know things are a little different and that it was so important to this family to go ahead and get this these items,” says Lacy Fitzpatrick with Make-A-Wish.

Jazmyn’s mother says the timing couldn’t be better.

“And you know with everything going on with Coronavirus, this right here… it’s like a silver lining. You know that things can get bad but thing can get better. They will get better,” says Bennett.

Jazmyn’s mother says they have hope for her future that these gifts will help her meet her milestones.

Make-A-Wish Alabama currently has around 275 wishes in waiting and says every day they have to wait, is a day too long.