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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – April 29th is World Wish Day and Make-A-Wish Alabama staff are using it to say thank you to their fundraisers who are training to participate in their upcoming Trailblaze Challenge.

Wish Kids from all over the state, including Huntsville, are planting hero signs in the yards of fundraisers to thank them for the tasks they’re taking on to help the organization raise money ahead of the challenge.

The fundraising athletes are called Wish Heroes and they’ve committed to raising $5,000 or more for the organization. They’ll also take on a massive hike, more than 16 miles in Alabama and 28 miles in South Carolina. Wish Hero Scott Martin is doing both for the second year in a row.

“It’s important because of the Wish Kids. The need is obvious. I love to hike, I love the outdoors so that was easy. I love the challenge, that was different,” he said.

The Development Manager for North Alabama Make-A-Wish is Lacy Fitzpatrick. She said this year has been a major success already, even before the hikes.

“We have raised over 600-thousand dollars with this trailblaze challenge this year which is just incredible. The program continues to grow, every year we’re adding more and more hikers,” she said.

In addition to the yard signs, the foundation has also launched a T-shirt sale to celebrate World Wish Day.