Wet, chilly winter keeps Madison city crews busy with potholes

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MADISON, Ala. – It’s a chilly and wet start to February and city workers in Madison are busy filling potholes.

With several nights below freezing and several inches of rain to go with it, Madison Public Works’ crews said they’ve been called out to patch potholes on some of the busier streets around town.

That includes streets like Hughes, Sullivan, and Madison Boulevard.

Workers are using a product called Perma-Patch to cover up the holes. It settles within hours of being driven over.

“If we have freezing temperatures right after the rain, it’d pop up even more. Because the water would be underneath the asphalt in what we call ‘alligator cracks’ and cause them to pop up even more,” Madison Public Works Crew Chief Mike Gentle said.

If you see a pothole in Madison and want it fixed, you can report it to the city at (256) 772-8490.

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