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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — One woman in Madison got more than she bargained for on her daily morning walk on Wednesday.

Video captured along the sidewalk shows a rather long alligator casually out for his morning stroll, too.

Anya Adams said she was walking the perimeter of Lady Ann Lake at Edgewater Park on Wednesday morning when she came across the scaly beast.

Video courtesy of Anya Adams

Somehow, she was able to keep her composure, get out her phone and record as the giant made its way across the sidewalk and into the nearby brush.

This comes just over a week after Huntsville Police spotted an alligator on Haysland Road.

Last year, the city reported a spike in calls of alligator sightings after citizens reported seeing a gator on Zierdt Road in West Huntsville and in the Haysland area of South Huntsville. At that time, officials told News 19 that alligators have been here for a long time, but construction could be driving them to more visible areas.

Almost a scene out of a Disney movie, a Great Blue Heron seemed to follow right along with the alligator. Best of buds? We’ll never know!

Thankfully, Anya was unharmed. Though she did manage to say what we all probably would’ve said in the same situation: “Oh my God!”