Town Madison restaurants and retail shops will be in construction by the end of 2019

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MADISON, Ala. — Right now Toyota Field is the shining star of Town Madison. Sod has been laid and the scoreboard is going up. But in the coming weeks, you’ll start to notice everything around it growing up as well.

The Station at Town Madison apartments are coming along the fastest. People will start moving in around February, which is when Town Madison as a whole is expected to start to come alive.

Home lots are already bought and being built on, proving families see value in the future of the development.

“They want to be close to that baseball stadium, close to restaurants, close to coffee and all that kind of activity, and we’re planning for that,” said lead developer Joey Ceci.

By the end of this year, the first restaurants will be under construction.

“Names of those restaurants will come out pretty quickly because we’re actually going to start building the buildings, so we’re excited about that,” Ceci said.

Small retail and service shops will also begin construction in the next couple of months.

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