The Madison City Council approves three big road projects

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MADISON, Ala. – Drivers in Madison are about to see some more construction on their commute. At a meeting Monday, the Madison City Council approved construction contracts for three big road projects they’ve been excited to green-light. These are part of the capital improvement program.

These are projects WHNT News 19 told you about at the start of the year. Two of the projects are road expansion and widening efforts.

The contract to five-lane one mile of Hughes Road for $5,954,822.38 went to Carcel & G Construction, LCC. Engineers said the five-laning will be in the area from Plaza Blvd. to Millsford Drive with multi-use paths constructed on both sides.

The council also awarded a bid to five-lane a portion of Sullivan Street for $5,734,987.38 to Reed Contracting Services. The widening will be from Spenryn Drive to Kyser Boulevard with sidewalks on both sides. The drainage will also be extended to reduce flooding, and will even include three new traffic signals.

“We are breaking it down into chunks, but we are starting to make a difference in the city of Madison traffic,” stated Madison Mayor Paul Finley. “The facts of the transportation plan said if you want to make a difference, these are the two biggest places you could start making a difference.”

Construction work will state as quickly as the contractors can do it. The council also approved a contract to build the multi-use path along Wall Triana Highway for $1,286,130.

“To me, this is about safety,” Madison City Council Member Gerald Clark commented.

Councilmember Maura Wroblewski thanked all who made it possible.

“We’re making a big difference in connectivity,” stated Mayor Finley.

But Council member Teddy Powell said he felt the priority could have been given to other projects, although he was happy the Wall Triana path advocates got what they wanted.

“I’m happy for the project. I’m not happy the way we are having to maybe sacrifice some road here, some road there. There’s a whole long list of sidewalks we could do, and I think for me there were other projects we could have looked at as well,” he said.

Overall, citizen Jeff North said he was excited about the future.

“It’s a great day for anybody who has to move around Madison. That is, if you drive in a car, ride in a car, walk,” he said. “I think it will only be a greater day when the road is opened.”

There was a bit of a higher price tag than the city had originally planned in order to fund these projects from CIP, but Finley said it will be worth it.

“We’re fine with pulling a little extra money. The fact that it’s only $300,000 based on what we had budgeted is a big win for the city,” he said.

These deals are done, but already the wheel turns toward what’s to come in the upcoming budget cycle.

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