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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – The Madison County Sheriff’s Office investigation into a fatal police shooting is approaching its fourth day. Sunday, Madison police killed Dana Fletcher in the parking lot of Planet Fitness.

Investigators did not release any new details about the investigation on Wednesday. But what does seem to be happening is — as no new information is released – concerns in the community appear to be rising.

Those tensions seem to be rooted in a Facebook post from Dana Fletcher’s wife, who was at the scene with him the day he was killed. In a post that has been shared thousands of times, she says her husband was unarmed.

This narrative is in direct opposition to what the Madison County Sheriff’s Office has said. A statement released by the sheriff’s office says quote, “The struggling Fletcher exited the car with the gun in his hand and pointed at officers. Two Madison Police officers fired their weapons and Fletcher was struck.”

People are posting on social media demanding answers and transparency. A number of people are arguing the way to get answers is by seeing that police body camera footage. Investigators confirmed officers’ body cams were on and rolling.

But the City of Madison said, “Due to the ongoing investigation, the City will not release any documents or video related to the incident or the officers involved at this time.”

WHNT was told a March was planned Wednesday. A reporter spoke with a man outside the Madison Police Department who was going to take part in this demonstration. He says he believed it was canceled he believes because of the weather. We have also been told that there could be other events planned in the coming days to address this shooting.

WHNT News 19 reached out to Madison Mayor Paul Finley to see if he would comment on the growing concerns in the community about this police shooting.

He said the city had turned over the investigation to the county and he did not want to make any kind of comment until the investigation is complete.

WHNT has also reached out to Fletcher’s wife and she has not returned our request for comment.