MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — A group of high school juniors and seniors at Madison City Schools (MCS) are getting into business mode this year with the Madison CEO Program.

The program — created in 2020 — is intended to teach students the standards of entrepreneurship. It is free for all students and funded by local support from businesses.

Dylan Atakaussok said taking in these notes will help him earn a lot of money in the future.

“I’m going to try to make a business that’s going to make me a lot of money one day,” he said.

During the year, the students are visited by business professionals in the community that share the responsibilities that come with the role. The group has a chance to practice those duties by creating a “class business” that raises money to fund their independent businesses.

To raise that money this year, the class decided to sell tee shirts.

That money will then be split amongst the students — but to be granted money for their business, each student must present a business plan to the bank.

“Ultimately, it’s about creating a personal business and making sure that it succeeds,” said Dylan Oliver. “If we fail… it’s more about learning the lessons and what to do right so that if we do it in the future we can make sure we succeed.”

Students will be able to keep all money collected through their business and continue to grow it if they so choose.

A trade show will be held at the end of the spring that allows all students to present their business and sell what they’ve made or the service their business provides.

To learn more about the CEO Program, help support the program, or apply for next year’s class, click here.