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MADISON, Ala. – To combat break-ins when the weather gets warmer, Madison city leaders will include security cameras in park improvements over the next few months.

Kory Alfred, Madison Parks and Recreation Director, said the city parks department had nearly 20 vehicle break-ins reported to them between last spring and summer. He said it was mostly happening in parking areas at Palmer and Dublin parks, and near the trailheads, during nighttime and weekend activities.

“We really didn’t have any video surveillance to catch the perpetrators to help police in the investigation,” he said.

Leaders have posted signs for awareness and worked with authorities to cooperate in helping solve the crimes, and there has been lots of effort to get the word out.

“We’ve been urging people for the past few months to make sure they secure their valuables when they come to the park.” Alfred added. It seems to have worked.”

They’re not taking any chances, though, as Alfred said the city council added funds to the budget to give the trouble spots some camera coverage. He would not go into detail about what areas would be included for security reasons.

“There’s two phases to what we’re trying to do,” he explained. “We have to do some electrical work to get power to the site. And secondly, we are going to add several video cameras that will be recorded on a DVR that we can play back if there is an incident.”

He said while Madison makes security a priority in order to help people feel safer at events and trailheads, he still wants you to know that you should practice awareness and good deterrence practices on your end too.

“Please still continue to secure your valuables and not leave them visible in your vehicles,” he advised. “It’s just a good basic practice anywhere.”

Alfred stated the city wants to have the cameras in place by the time spring activities begin at the park.