MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — The Rocket City Trash Pandas are all set for the start of a new season in 2022 after the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the much-anticipated inaugural season in 2020. 

No opening day meant no fans in the stands and almost no revenue. The team met with the Madison City Council on Monday to give an update on its financial status before the start of the season.  

In 2021, the team played only 48 games out of 60 at Toyota Field but the fans were unsure of a large gathering for the first time since the pandemic broke out, but the team couldn’t say that for sure. The team was able to make some payments to Madison City in September as part of the million-dollar stadium license agreement. 

According to Ballcorps General Manager Garrett Fahrmann, there was still some outstanding money due from the 2021 season. Both the team and the city clarified that both parties were working with an auditor to determine how much of that money was still owed.  

On Monday, Fahrmann presented a historical plan to the city.  

Ballcorps, the parent company of the Rocket City Trash Pandas, will pay over $1.2 million in revenue to the City of Madison. Fahrmann listed the total revenue to the city at $1,246,877.48. Fahrmann says the team is now current with the City and there is no outstanding money owed.

As part of the lease agreement, there is an annual overview that takes place to confirm the revenue splits from various revenue sources.  Once the overview is completed the team will pay the City their share of the revenues. This will be paid to the City in the coming days.

“It was basically giving a snapshot of the 2021 calendar year with all of the non-baseball events that we did and all of the Trash Panda events that we did and just kind of this whole revenue sharing with the city panned out,” Fahrmann stated. “It will be washed out by the end of this season. We had our audit done and everything came out clear, so we’ll get the city paid up with what we owe them and just continue to be a great team and great partner.” 

The Rocket City Trash Pandas are scheduled to open the season on April 12. Fahrmann says the team will be hosting several community events at Toyota Field as well.