President OKs year-round sale of E15 gasoline

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MADISON, Ala.- President Trump announced Friday a plan to help farmers in America impacted by other recent tariffs.

And they say it could save you a few cents at the pump over the summer.

The EPA signed off on year-round sales of E15 gasoline. They say that’s good news for corn and soybean farmers and good for drivers who want to save a few bucks over the summer.

“It’s been two weeks since we’ve had a rain,” Chad Henderson from Henderson Farms said.

In some places, Henderson’s corn is taller than he is. But, he says irrigation is the name of the game for three-quarters of their over 3,000 acres.

“Everywhere south of here is in worse shape than we are,” Henderson said.

He can’t afford to turn off the water any more than drivers around Huntsville and Madison can not fill up their tanks.

On Friday, EPA chief Andrew Wheeler came through on president Trump’s goal to offer E15 fuel all year round, which could save drivers money this summer. The previous mandate was for gas stations to switch to summer-blend fuel from June 1 to September 15th.

“E15 product has about five percent more ethanol, but it usually has a price that’s slightly lower than regular gasoline,” Patrick DeHaan of said.

The Trump administration and the EPA were pushing for year-round sale of E15 as a way of counteracting some of the negative impacts of tariffs on corn and soybean farmers. The Henderson family, who grows corn south of Madison says the majority of their crop is sold for poultry feed, but they’re always looking for new avenues.

“You never want to turn down an avenue to sell product,” Henderson said.

And with the E15 approval, stations carrying ethanol blend could be selling more gallons this summer in a competitive market.

If you’re unsure if E15 is OK for your car, here’s what you need to know. Ford and GM have certified that all cars and trucks made starting in 2012 are fine for using E15.

It’s typically two to four cents cheaper per gallon. It reduces greenhouse gases and boosts fuel octane without toxic chemical additives.

You shouldn’t fill up with E15 if you drive a Subaru, Mercedes-Benz or a Mazda unless they’re listed as Flex Fuel.

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