Partnership for a Drug-Free Community holds fire truck pull fundraiser


MADISON, Ala. — Huntsville nonprofit Partnership for a Drug-Free Community held their first-ever fire truck pull fundraiser, called Pullin’ for Partnership Fire Truck Challenge 2021.

Teams of ten signed up to try and pull a 46,000 pound Madison Fire Truck 50 feet by a rope at Madison City Stadium. Over 20 teams competed to see who could pull the fire truck the fastest for bragging rights and trophies.

“In putting this event together, we have consulted with other nonprofits who have held this type of event
in other cities and states,” said Wendy Reeves, Partnership’s executive director. “Participants will create
fun memories while they help Partnership provide its engaging and much-needed youth drug education
programs to our community. It will also benefit the Recovery Resource Hub program that helps people
who are living with addiction and want treatment to find the services they need.”

DirecTV signed up several teams for the competition on Tuesday. Johnni Mohprasit, a Center Support Specialist, said they want to make a small impact on a big problem.

“We’re really excited to get involved in the community and to try to make an impact in the opioid epidemic that we have going on here. I know that that was an important initiative for today,” said Mohprasit.

Donations to the 501(c)(3) agency are tax-deductible, and all proceeds will go directly to Partnership for
a Drug-Free Community’s programs.

Reeves said team pledges, sponsorships, and donations are more important than ever as the demand for Partnership programs is at an all-time high because of the ongoing opioid and youth vaping epidemics, which have been amplified by the coronavirus pandemic.

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