MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — Rocket City Armory will soon open less than a thousand feet from Midtown Elementary.

This has become a concern for parents with children who are enrolled at the school. Those parents shared their concerns with the Madison City Council.

Multiple parents spoke during the council meeting. They said they worry about the safety of their kids and echoed the concerns they have with a gun store being located so close to the school attended by their children.

Rocket City Armory will also be located just across the street from Primrose School of Madison, a preschool and childcare facility.

Among the biggest concerns raised by parents is the Rocket City Armory’s location. Parents voiced their concerns about the decision to approve the gun store’s location to city council members at Monday’s meeting.

Parents said they worry the gun store is on the edge of violating the federal gun-free zone act. However, the City of Madison says the gun store is within its legal right to own and operate at the location.

The owner of the Rocket City Armory and supporters of the gun store also showed up to the council meeting to voice their support for the establishment’s location.

The Rocket City Armory also gave their remarks at the meeting, with statements provided by the owner and the store’s supporters. They say the armory is committed to the safety and well-being of the community and some of the revenue generated would even contribute to the City of Madison.

The owner of the gun store says it is committed to safe operations of business in a school zone.

The city says because Rocket City Armory would be operating on private property that is not part of school grounds, it can lawfully do business even within the vicinity of the two schools.

Council members say the zoning criteria allows the gun store to legally do business where the store is set to open.