MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Parents of students in the Madison County School System are calling for a change to the school’s policy on fighting. 

Parents tell News 19 that the fights have gotten out of control where students who are breaking up the fights are getting suspended, and they want that old law abolished. 

The parents did not attend the board of education meeting on Thursday night to voice their concerns therefore Madison County Schools could not comment.  

In a video sent by Tim Smith, a parent of a student at a Madison County High School who admitted that his child was involved in a fight where someone could have gotten seriously hurt, Smith says that students that jumped in to save his son’s life and break up the violence were also suspended.  

Smith says it makes no sense that other students get suspended for breaking a fight and says it’s time to get rid of the outdated rule. 

“I’m pushing for them to revisit the school policy and make some changes. I have a problem with kids that must defend themselves and wind up getting punished.” Smith explained. “If I try to do anything to hit you back, I’m suspended. That’s an old school policy that needs to change because in-school violence is on the rise.” 

A spokesperson for the Madison County School System says unless the parents show up for an executive session at the board of education meeting, MCSS cannot comment. The fight policy, however, is federal and eliminates any control that the school system has to change it.  

The MCSS fight policy states, “Fighting is an immediate removal from class with a discipline referral.” 

“It may take me getting an attorney to sue just to try and twist the explanation,” said Smith. “It’s not about winning the case, but it’s about the idea of bringing whoever is in charge to say that something has got to be done because the student fights at all schools is out of hand.”