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MADISON, Ala. – A man was badly hurt in a crash that happened around 11 a.m. Wednesday on Slaughter Road.  You may have come across it — it was near the intersection of Carter Road.

The man is recovering in Huntsville Hospital after the wreck, but he may not have survived if it wasn’t for an off-duty Huntsville Hospital nurse who came to his aid.

We’ve been searching for her all day, but no one knows who she is. WHNT News 19 is on a quest to find this hero.

Slaughter Road was a chaotic sea of first responders as they tried to get the driver of the van to the hospital.  No other vehicles were involved in the wreck.

But the real story is the moments our cameras didn’t catch and the unknown angel we haven’t tracked down yet.

Law enforcement surveys the scene after Wednesday’s wreck on Slaughter Road. (Photo: Shane Hays/WHNT News 19)

“There was a lady there that had attested to that she was a nurse, an off duty nurse, who had stopped and assisted medical treatment to this patient until the paramedics arrived.”

Don Webster with HEMSI said it can make a world of difference if someone stops at the scene of an accident. Even if it’s just to comfort those involved.

However, this woman did more than just that.

“She helped stop some bleeding and basically assured the patient that help was on the way. And probably gave some recommendations not to move around until medical help arrived,” Webster said .

The nurse was able to give critical information to paramedics regarding the man’s condition.

“Once they had the gentleman loaded up in the ambulance and was providing treatment to him, the supervisor was going to speak to her to say thank you and she was already in her vehicle pulling off.”

In today’s society many people would turn and look the other way, but if it wasn’t for this woman taking time out of her day to help someone else, the driver may not be alive.

“Seconds and minutes save lives,” said Webster.

So, off-duty nurse from Huntsville Hospital who helped a stranger on Slaughter Road, thank you for reminding us the power of human compassion.

Webster said this is a perfect example of why more people should learn CPR.

He said the minutes before first responders arrive on scene of a car accident are the most important for those who are injured.

UPDATE: Several of you contacted WHNT News 19 with the name of the nurse.  We found her — here’s our follow-up report!