New owners to take over former Funky Monkey store

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MADISON, Ala. – Some new owners are taking over the popular vintage store Funky Monkey. A couple announced they’re re-opening the store on Highway 72 and renaming it ‘Vintage 72’.

The news comes after WHNT News 19 reported the store abruptly closed after the former owners were in the midst of a bitter divorce.

New owners Cody and Mary Kate Nave say they couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this.

You’ll still find goods for sale at the former Funky Monkey. But the sign is gone and so is the Volkswagen.

“There’s very little remnants of the old store,” Avant Designs owner Matt Davies said.

Inside, vendors are moving back in, getting ready to once again sell their goods.

“I think most people want a clean slate,” Davies said.

The clean slate happened once Nave and her husband Cody, who rented space in the store, were given a notice to vacate.

“When he said the doors were going to shut, we looked at each other and said, ‘we got something to talk about’,” Mary Kate said.

The couple slept on it, then decided to take over the shop on Highway 72, after previous owner Mark Grasham closed because he couldn’t pay the bills.

“Those owners are gone, so now it’s a brand new lease with the landlord. So, we haven’t bought out the building, we’ve just taken over the lease,” Mary Kate said.

Davies says with the Naves taking over the store, it means he can get out of the 90 degree heat. But there’s some unfinished business. He and other Funky Monkey vendors still haven’t been paid for the last month, and he doesn’t know if they will.

“We still have a check we haven’t tried to deposit, because we know it’s going to bounce,” Davies said.

For now, he and other vendors moving back in say they’ll sleep soundly, looking forward to a fresh start next month.

Mary Kate says more vendors will be moving in this weekend. They don’t have an official opening day yet, she’s hoping they can open by June 1st.

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