New free app aims to revolutionize the health industry

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MADISON, Ala. — A new app was launched Tuesday here in Madison County. New York-based app, K Health has partnered with Integrity Family Care to bring the technology to U.S.

Let’s face it, we’re only human. We get sick and don’t always have the time or means to get immediate treatment.

“We all know this, you know you wake up at 2 a.m., you’re googling your symptoms, and you know it’s just making things worse,” says K Health CEO and Co-Founder Allon Bloch.

‘K’ is an artificial intelligence you can ‘talk’ with about your symptoms. “Were using real data from millions of other people and we compare you very specifically to people that are similar to you,” says Bloch.

“That is a technology that nobody in the US has,” says Integrity Family Care President, Dr. Jason Lockett.

K Health is a free app built to help people understand a potential medical situation. “K Health is an information lair, we’re not a diagnostic device, and we show you what other people did,” explained Bloch.

After, you can send the information straight to your health care provider. They can assess and determine whether you need to come in or if they can write a prescription. “The reception has been overwhelmingly positive with our patients,” says Lockette

Already fifteen-percent of Integrity Family Care’s patients are using the app. In the past two months of using the app, Integrity Family Care says they’ve been able to communicate effectively and manage care for eighty-five-percent of their patients using the app, outside of emergency rooms, offices and urgent care.

“We fell in love with Huntsville. The audience, the consumers are receptive to new technology,” Bloch says of launching the technology here in north Alabama.

“We’re hoping it’s a revolution, because so much of health care now that is based on volume, we gotta get people in we gotta do things to them,” says Lockette.

He says their mission is making sure their patients have access to the best resources possible to make decisions about their health. Literally putting knowledge in patient’s hands.

K Health has information about 200 primary care conditions. They hope to add more as the app continues to learn.

You can download K Health on your iPhone or Android.

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