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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Jacklynn Stroz says she wants justice for her son Mikey.

On Friday, June 19th, she got a call no mother wants to receive. Her sister delivered the news that tore her world apart. Her son was killed in a head-on collision while he was visiting relatives in Madison County. 

It’s been long seven months, yet no arrests have been made. Stroz says that she lives through pain daily, while knowing that her teenage son’s tragic death remains unsolved. 

“I’m trying to breathe through not having my son walk in this door never again,” Stroz told News 19. “And what is so disheartening is that this man hasn’t been charged or arrested.” 

Mikey Stroz was reportedly riding in the car with his father and sister on their way back home to Florida, when a car struck them head-on on Highway 431 near New Hope. Mikey was killed instantly. The driver’s name has been withheld from this story because there are no official charges connected to this incident, but they remain free.  

“Your worst nightmare waking up and hearing that Mikey has been killed, his sister is in surgery with internal injuries and his dad is also in surgery with internal injuries,” Stroz stated.

In the crash report, Alabama state troopers said the driver was in the wrong lane. The case is yet to be presented to a grand jury, likely delayed due to a backlog of cases, leaving this mother without closure. 

“Who knows how many times this has already happened with somebody else and somebody else that’s suffering the loss of a loved one and this person has killed their child whether it’s drunk driving or something else,” Stroz concluded. “There are other families dealing with the same thing as we are. It’s very frustrating.” 

The district attorney’s office confirmed that the case is pending presentation to the grand jury. An arrest warrant will be issued if there is an indictment.