Mill Bridge replacement work causing issues for parents at Mill Creek Elementary


Mill Creek Bridge construction

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MADISON, Ala. - Many parents spoke out on Facebook on Tuesday expressing concerns and venting their frustrations.

A new detour route, caused by the Mill Bridge replacement work, is one of the frustrations. Someone just on the other side of the construction, now has to take County Line Road, to Brownsferry to Mose Chapel Road to get to Mill Creek Elementary.

Madison Mayor Paul Finley says they planned the replacement of Mill Bridge as best as they could. "We started the day after school ended," says Finley.

And hoped it would be done before it started back up, but on Monday, it wasn't.

Many parents took to Facebook to air their grievances about the closed road, expressing their disdain for the 50 minute commute to drive a detour, and wondering why there was seemingly nothing going on at the construction site.

Mayor Finley says they knew they'd come close to the deadline, but the heavy rain in June caused major problems. "We had the base of that bridge washed out twice in June. That's put us behind a month," says Finley.

That base is back. But the reason why you're not seeing crews working? "The simple answer is the concrete is poured, and now it has to cure so it's solid enough to function for the next 50 years. So, they will soon see our contractors come back out, put the final layers on the top and finish that project," says Finley. "At which point the bridge will be better, safer, and water will flow more freely."

Mayor Finley says this small inconvenience is nothing like what it could have been. They had the plans redrawn for the bridge, saving the city hundreds of thousands of dollars and allowing them to start the project in May.

"I'm happy with how we've managed the money, with how quickly we've tried to get the project done. The reality is it's going to be another 21-30 days."

Mayor Finley says the bridge isn't the only change you'll see. They also plan to add a few upgrades to the Bradford Creek Trailhead, right next to the school, which will include additional parking and an outdoor bathroom.

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