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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Saturday was Military Tribute Night at Toyota Field. The USA Patriots Amputee Softball Team faced Team AUSA in a game of softball.

The team is comprised of competitive, athletic veterans who have lost limbs in combat or have non-combat-related injuries.

USA Patriot player Josh Wege said it’s special to stop and pay tribute to all military personnel and those who lost their lives on 9/11, an event that inspired many players on the team to join the military.

“We probably expected life or death,” Wege said. “We really didn’t really think about the in-between, and the in-between is life without a limb. But we came back, and we found life with purpose in softball. Tonight, we are hopefully going to show our skills.”

The USA Patriots play competitive and exhibition softball games all over the United States. While some are still in the service, others attend college or have moved on to new careers.