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MADISON, Ala. — Looking out your window to see your yard riddled with holes is never an ideal situation. For Brentwood Village residents in Madison, they’ve been dealing with just that for over two weeks.

Resident Chris Gay said the problem started when AT&T hired a third party to install U-Verse in the neighborhood, three years after residents first started asking for it.

When they finally did install U-Verse, they left behind a huge mess. Gay and other residents said the contractors left holes up to 12 feet deep, trash, and huge mounds of dirt in their yards.

At one point, they knocked the cable out for three days. Last Saturday, they hit a water line leaving residents without water for most of the day. Residents say they’ve tried to reach out to AT&T to get their neighborhood cleaned up. They believe the situation was poorly handled.

WHNT News 19 reached out to AT&T for comment. Director of Communications Lance Skelley said, “We certainly apologize for any inconvenience these residents have experienced…despite initial communication gaps that may have occurred, residents can expect a final clean up of the area within the next few days.”

AT&T officials said they appreciate the matter being brought to their attention, and they will continue their efforts to bring their customers the services they want most.