MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — The 2nd annual Celebrate Madison event and State of the City address brought hundreds of people together to recognize how far the city has come.

The event included free food and giveaways plus activities and featured drum line performances from both Bob Jones and James Clemens High Schools.

During his address, Madison Mayor Paul Finley touched on the significant growth the city has seen in recent years along with major projects that have made Madison what it is today. However, the mayor says there’s plenty more down the road for his city to achieve.

“One of the things we’re proud of is a lot of road projects that have occurred. 565 and County Line, Zierdt Road, Old Madison Pike, we’re never going to be in a position right now where we can just sit still and hope that it stops. It’s going to continue because we’re on the map for people to come here. Great jobs, great community,” Finley told News 19.

Finley says city leaders will focus on a number of new community additions that will help improve the quality of life for Madison residents.

“All of the things that are already in place, that are already funded by our council, that are happening and people will continue to look forward to a new community center, obviously the interchange, and a lot of recreational pieces,” Finley said.

Madison’s mayor says the city takes pride in being one of the fastest-growing areas in the state and having one of the best school systems in all of Alabama. When asked about Space Command, Finley says Madison isn’t phased by the decision.

“We’re ready for it if it comes, we think they made a mistake by not coming. Hopefully, they’ll change that, but whether they do or they don’t this community will absolutely continue to solve problems and be the place everybody wants to move to,” Finley said.

One new thing coming to Madison is another Marriott Hotel. The mayor says the city is excited to welcome it. With hotels generating lodging tax, Finley says that will help pay for some of the city’s projects that are underway.