MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — A Madison family is seeing a resolution to a months-long trash trouble.

Richard Scarlett reached out to News 19 earlier this week to share his issues getting a trash can delivered to his home. Scarlett rents a home in Limestone County, however, it is zoned for the city of Madison, and is served by Huntsville Sanitation.

He rents via a property management company, and he said he ran into trouble getting a bin because he pays his rent and other utilities through a third-party company.

Due to the third-party company, Huntsville Sanitation had trouble getting him a bin. However, none of his neighbors seemed to have the same issue.

When News 19 spoke with Scarlett earlier this week he said the problem had been going on since he moved into the home in June.

He said after weeks of leaving his trash on the curb, it was becoming an issue.

“I had five weeks’ worth of trash sitting on my curb waiting to be picked up, and no one did anything about it,” he said.

Eventually, he resorted to having to dump his trash in bins he could find around town, or take it to a collection center where he would have to pay to dispose of it.

This all became exceedingly frustrating for Scarlett who has served in the Army for more than 20 years. He even picked his new home because he wanted to retire in North Alabama.

“This has been like a second home to us,” he said of the area.

Scarlett reached out to News 19 to see if we could help resolve the issue between the third-party company and Huntsville Sanitation after Scarlett said the sanitation company blamed a “policy” change for the lack of service.

News 19 reached out to the City of Huntsville to inquire about the situation.

Three days after our inquiry, a new trash can was delivered in front of Scarlett’s home.

A spokesperson for the City of Huntsville said “it looks like they have been working through some third-party issues, and hope to have most of them resolved.”