Man charged with Murder in Madison County

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – What deputies originally thought was an abandoned car is now a murder case after they found a man inside. This week, Madison County Sheriff’s arrested Joshua Barclay, charging him with the murder of Kevin Lewter.

Barclay was booked into the Madison County jail at 10:30 on Wednesday night.

On a recently planted field near New Market, a lone parked vehicle is easy to spot.

“If it looks suspicious, people will call it in,” Lt. Donny Shaw said.

On May 15th, sheriff deputies were tipped off to what appeared to be an abandoned Jeep Grand Cherokee off Butler Road, but there was a man inside.

“He was in pretty bad shape,” Lt. Shaw said.

Deputies say Kevin Lewter was in the vehicle unconscious. They spent nearly a month trying to figure out how he got there.

“Investigators were able to develop probable cause and arrested Barclay,” Shaw said.

Madison County deputies couldn’t say exactly how Lewter and Barclay knew each other. They believe before the Jeep was abandoned here, the two men got into a fight, during which Lewter was gravely injured and ultimately died a day after deputies found him.

“He had surgery, but unfortunately, he succumbed,” Shaw said.

Madison County jail records show Barclay has been arrested five times over the last eight years, including charges of assault and second degree rape.

“He has some type of felony charge down in Santa Rosa, Florida,” Shaw said.

Lt. Shaw couldn’t say how exactly Lewter died. Barclay is now being held in the Madison County jail to answer to the murder charge.

Barclay is also facing charges in Madison County for murder, using a false identity to obstruct justice, probation revocation and being a fugitive from justice. Investigators say he’s wanted in Santa Rosa County, Florida, but they didn’t says what the charges were.

He’s being held without bond.

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