Madison to study if Clift Farm should be annexed into the city

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MADISON, Ala. – A portion of the Clift Farm Development off Highway 72 in West Madison County is set to open in the spring of 2020. Madison Mayor Paul Finley says whether or not the city will annex the 550-acre mixed-use development is up in the air.

“No decision has been made at any point now,” says Madison Mayor Paul Finley.

Finley says it could be over a year before the city of Madison decides whether or not they’ll annex Clift Farm.

“We don’t even know what the entire development looks like. They’ve said it’ll take anywhere from nine months to a year to understand what that looks like. Once they have that plan they’ll bring it to the city,” says Finley.

After the developers have a plan in place, a $45,000 study will be conducted to help leaders make a decision.

“It would give us an understanding of what it does for our city and what it will cost our city,” says Finley.

Finley says they want to make good decisions based on data. The study will help weigh the pros and cons of annexing all 550 acres.

“They’d like to see the entire development which would include a lot of housing. We need to know the impact of not only what the businesses bring with sales tax but what the houses bring us with students and schools,” said Finley.

Mayor Finley says the study of Clift Farm could take anywhere from three to five months to complete, and it won’t start until Breland finalizes their plans.

“We’re a ways off from having any understand of the impact in the city of Madison,” says Finley.

Finley says data leads to good decisions and the $45,000 price tag on the study will be well worth it.

Mayor Finley says since 2016, there have been no new major annexations to the city of Madison and only three developments that have been approved.

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