Madison school officials and police dispel rumors of threat at Bob Jones High

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MADISON, Ala. – A threat of harm toward students at Bob Jones High School is nothing more than a rumor, the district superintendent said Wednesday.

Madison City Schools Superintendent Robby Parker said after receiving concerned calls from parents, an investigation by school officials and Madison police determined there was no threat made toward the school.

“We are confident that we got to the root of the rumor,” Parker said. “And I want our parents to feel comfortable that there is no threat toward Bob Jones High School.”

Despite that, there will be extra school resource officers at Bob Jones and James Clemens High School Thursday, Parker said.

“School safety is the number one issue we deal with,” Parker said. “And we stop everything we’re doing if we feel like there’s an issue.”

Madison Police Department Capt. John Stringer said the rumor came from information that was two to three weeks old. The information is related to an argument between two students in the school system, he said.

“If you’ve ever played the telephone game where you sit in a circle and somebody whispers something in your ear a certain message, by the time it gets around to the original sender, the information is different,” Stringer said. “And that’s what we’ve seen here.”

Parker said the students who had the initial argument that spurred the rumor would not face any disciplinary action.

“There was no real fight,” Parker said. “It was two ninth-grade children arguing.”


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