Madison residents look forward to having former Three Springs facility turned into community center

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MADISON, Ala. – The city of Madison said it will pay up and buy the troubled former Three Springs youth facility on Brownsferry Road. The facility closed in August. Now, there are big plans to turn the space into something that will benefit the whole community.

“Over the next four to five years turning that into a community center, that takes our city to the next level,” said Madison Mayor Paul Finley.

On multiple occasions juveniles escaped the detention center, causing concern with Madison residents. The facility was eventually closed in August of 2019.

“If you look to the right-hand side you see how close that was to neighborhoods,” said Finley.

“We would frequently see if someone had escaped police would be all over our neighborhood so we are excited that they finally moved that facility and even more excited that the city is going to put it to good use,” said resident Tim Holcombe.

The building is 28,000 square feet and accompanied by 33 acres. Finley said there’s space to grow.

“Can you imagine moving our senior center there? Because what we have… there’s gyms, there’s outdoor basketball, there’s a pool,” said Finley.

Residents who live near the former Three Springs said no matter what the city provides in the community center, they look forward to the improvement.

“There’s a number of things they can do, and I’m sure they’ll put it to good use,” said Holcombe.

Finley said the city will sell the old library to help fund the project. It’s unclear how much the city will spend to build the new community center.

Mayor Finley also said there’s an opportunity for naming the building, and he’s currently looking for ideas.

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