MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — Dozens of Madison residents gathered at Home Place Park in downtown Madison to rally against the proposed city manager system.

The proposed changes, which would go into effect in 2025 if passed, would see the city council be redistricted into six districts and the sitting mayor at that time would act as a “council president” to manage meetings. The sitting mayor would also set the council agenda and have a vote under the city manager format.

Additionally, a new city manager would be hired by the city council. That city manager would be responsible for “overseeing the day-to-day operations of the city, appointing and remove department heads and presenting a budget to the council.”

“Just vote no” was the clear message advocated by potential voters including a rally organized by Jocelyn Broer.

“We have lots of reasons why we are voting no; less representation, more bureaucracies, elected leaders, not selected leaders,” Boer said.

Some residents even took to the mic to share their thoughts and opinions with their neighbors.

Local elections are very important and even those too young to vote are advocating to make every vote count.

Some students from Bob Jones High School spoke to their “legal-age voters” about the importance of voting.

“It’ll affect us later on in life so even in like a couple years down the road, it’ll all come back to us,” Bob Jones High School Turning Point USA Chapter President Ben Lambertson said.

Even though he can’t vote in this upcoming election, Lambertson still feels strongly about the proposed changes.

“We try and work a lot at our school to try get people to be more knowledgeable about these things,” he said, “and its something that we agree with we don’t think there should be a city manager.”

And Madison residents will have the chance to have their voices heard on May 9th.

The last day to request an absentee ballot by mail is May 2nd, and to request an absentee ballot by hand is May 4th.