Madison Public Library holds “Meet the Candidate” forum ahead of general elections

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MADISON, Ala. - The Madison Public Library held a "Meet the Candidates" forum Sunday ahead of city council elections. Citizens could go and have their questions answered by the candidates. Frequently discussed topics included economic development, the future of the school systems, and the new rec center that's  supposed to be coming.

The library was packed with citizens looking to hear from their city council candidates. Current Madison Mayor, Troy Trulock, said these events really allow everyone a chance to speak up.

"We had 21 candidates, and it's a great way for our citizens to learn what each candidate stands for, maybe what they oppose, and also become more informed on an election in about 9 days," he said.

Trulock said after hearing from everyone Sunday funding is obviously a key issue for the community that needs to be addressed.

"Well clearly, the most important thing we're hearing today is the funding issue for the Limestone county, from the Limestone County tax issue for our school system, so I think that's most important for our citizens," he said.

Candidate Paul Finley said the citizens weren't the only ones who had their voices heard Sunday.

"There's a clear differentiation between how we view our role supporting counsel and how the current mayor does, and so I think it's critical that not only the public know what's going on but also the council, folks who are running could hear it too," he said.

Finley agrees funding is a common denominator among citizens concerns.

"The school funding and the Limestone County issue, securing police and fire that's a major threat for us, and as you heard, economic development. It was our strength coming in, it will continue to be our strength and our focus, along with those other two, when we are able to come into office," he said.

Economic development continues to be a major issue for citizens in Madison. Madison's General Municipal Elections are August 23rd. Hanu Karlapanem is also running for mayor. All candidates urge citizens that despite how it goes, the most important thing is for people to just get out and vote.