Madison police warn residents of vehicle break-ins at public city parks

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MADISON, Ala. - Police are warning people to watch out after several vehicle break-ins at Madison City parks this spring. As the weather gets warmer, it's motivating more people to visit the public parks.

While most are getting out to enjoy the outdoors, others have another agenda - theft. "We've had two this past weekend and then two Monday night," said Kory Alfred, director of parks and recs.

Vehicle break-ins are very common during this time of year, and Madison City Police say they've already received several calls. "Typically, what were are seeing, whether the cars are locked or not, whether its forced entry, or whether they've left their vehicle unlocked; The bad guy enters it and they're taking things that they can readily grab," said Captain John Springer of Madison Police Department.

They're are taking items like cell phones, wallets, laptops and even weapons, anything that is easily carried away that doesn't require a lot of time in the car. "We shouldn't have to worry about leaving things inside of our car, but that's the world we live in," said Stringer.

Before you leave your vehicle, double check and make sure those doors are locked. Madison PD is also advising to not leave anything of value inside of your car. "Hide them, lock them in the trunk. If you have a lockbox inside your truck, lock them in there."

Captain Stringer also said they'll have extra officers at each of the parks, patrolling the different areas. "While Madison is an incredibly safe place, there's always that possibility that something could happen." Madison City Parks and Rec said they're looking to have surveillance cameras added to their parking lots sometime in the future.

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