Madison Police to add military pins to officer uniforms


MADISON, Ala. – Madison Police officers will soon be allowed to wear a veteran pin on their uniform if they served or are actively serving in the military.

Newly chosen Madison Police Chief Johnny Gandy hopes this will help in emergency events.

“Oftentimes, officers that are military veterans are the very best at handling crises with other veterans. Instant rapport is established with a fellow veteran – especially one from the same branch in which the person in crisis had served,” said Gandy. “This can help calm a mental health crisis situation.”

The pins will have an American flag crossed with the flag of the service branch of the U.S. military that the officer served. The pins will be worn with Class “A” uniforms over the officer’s name tag.

“Our community gladly celebrates all veterans’ sacrifice and service,” said Mayor Paul Finley. “The pins also function as a source of pride for officers who have honorably served in the military to wear on their uniforms, and we hope local veterans can find camaraderie from our police officers as well.”

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